Friday, 19 April 2013

How to Publish Application in Citrix XenApp 6

In the previous post we saw the Installation and configuration of XenApp Fundamentals 6. This step-by-step guide will show you how to publish an application in XenApp 6.

In this example we are publishing Adobe Reader 10.0.

1.Go to Start > All programs > Citrix > Management Consoles > Citrix Delivery Services Console.

On the left pane expand XenApp and click Applications.

2. In the right action pane click Publish application.

3. Welcome screen will appear and click Next.

4. Enter a Display name for your application and click Next.

5. Choose the type of application to publish as Application and Application type as Accessed from a server and click Next.

6. Now browse the application location. You have to choose the exact '.exe' file of the installed application.

7. Now choose the server by clicking Add and choose the server (XENAPPSERVER) from the Servers and click Add.

8. Below you can see that the server got added. Click Next.

9. Here you want to configure the users who may access the application. Click Add and select users from user Active directory.

10.Click Next.

11. Click Finish to publish the application immediately.

12. Now go to a client computer (Windows 7) and install Citrix Receiver. You can download it from . After the installation open a web browser (eg: Firefox) and type the IP address of your Citrix XenApp Server.

 Log on with your domain credentials and you will see the published applications as below.

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